A quick article on the future of the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce and becoming a member!

Dear All,

I hope you are all well and business is good,

As businesses in the city and those who have shown interest in the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce, I thank you for taking the time to read this email updating you on the progress of the Chamber and how we are looking to develop.

My name is Luke Lutman, some of you may know me or have met me in the past, I have been working in the city over the last 6 years developing my business Phoenix Consultants. During this time I have fallen in love with the city and its amazing business community.

This is my first article since being appointed the new President of the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce and have been working hard in the background to develop it to a point that it is ready to relaunch. I am reaching out to you today for your support to develop the chamber further and become an asset to the city

I’m sure you would agree with me that Gloucester is an amazing city on the cusp of something big and I believe the Chamber is well placed to have a big role in the important decisions that are being made.

1.       I believe that a modern Chamber of Commerce should be a voice for the business community in the city and fight for business interests.

2.       A Chamber should work to educate businesses on business principles and work to help connect businesses with resources and mentors to develop them further and create opportunity.

3.       A Chamber should run events that promote open discussion and collaboration between businesses and enhance the business community

I have put together a new tiered membership system that I think is fairer and a better solution than a flat rate as it was before. Everyone is welcome to sign up for the lowest rate as a personal membership if they wish but if they would like to have a business membership to entitle all of their employees to the benefits of a membership please choose accordingly.

I have made an agreement with the Gloucester Bid that their levy paying members can benefit from a free membership for a year to say thank you for the support they have offered the businesses of the city in recent years.

Personal Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership£50 per year

Charity Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership£60 per year

2-10 employees Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership£80 per year

11-50 employees Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership£100 per year

Over 50 employees Gloucester Chamber of Commerce Annual Membership£150 per year

By becoming a member, you will receive a hyperlink to the Chamber website that you can include on your own web page as a badge of membership. I will be looking at offering membership window stickers if there is an interest in this to be placed in the front windows of shops offices and vehicles. You will also be added to the membership list on the website.

I will also be organising a business round table event later in the year for businesses to meet and discuss the future of the city and the Chamber going forward. By joining the Chamber you will get an invitation to this and future events.

Please message or comment with your questions thoughts and opinions.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kindest regards,

Luke Lutman

President of the Gloucester Chamber of Commerce


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